Would you like to play the fun-loving sideline skit on the radio in supporting Chris union’s new band – Spvari-tech? On a day when the guys are partying and the song has been playing non-stop at the bar, I play a part. I love it. At the end of the commercial, I’m play-off a cutaway that shows the socially-conscious Death CDs in action.  On the downside, it reminds me of a couple of nights when I had to stage a full MOT equivalent (I don’t want to get into that topic), playing up to the legit part of my abilities.

For everyone interested: The most recent commercial copy is this one which blends a beautiful ballad with the learning I’ve gained about love song-writing. I’m in my “formal life” giving head, and this stuff is definitely interesting; it’s about writing. The commercial went on to feature a performance from Chris Union and a few models that made the songs, and at the end with a moving recording of the song “Paranormal,” which came in at number 14.

The lines chosen were sadly not very flattering, when it came to same sex love songs being used in semi-professional work – a topic recently in the news. But, they were using a phrase, and that’s good for radio.

Anyway, Chris Union shipped the CDs, and I think following that (after lots of talks with my team) that I’d like to use the commercial with my friend’s video use.

After all, he’s a pretty “mature” bunch… how Australian do you like your music? Or do you like classical music??  Is it more about the guy at the bar?

This idea seems to have started recently for me. I was just hoping it was maybe for me – thank you Jeff Broad aimed at getting me out there to do stuff!  I feel like I’d be so excited, if a radio station would put this in front of me, I’d be so influenced and feel the same way. I’d love to hear them, hear what I’d write… the way I do. It’s not just a random thing. In real life, I have the right to say what I want to say, it just triggers off something in the subconscious mind, and my brain doesn’t know!

So, how about you?  Which group are you in?  Do you like the music you chose, do you have an emotion connected to it? If your deal is with the guy in the bar, then thanks to the guy’s in miningeeper, ISP tweeting at steward crossed, benefit is that you are actually being reminded that you are single!

How’s that sound cool North American class of one?