Would you like to play the fun-loving sideline skit on the radio in supporting Chris union’s new band – Spvari-tech? On a day when the guys are partying and the song has been playing non-stop at the bar, I play a part. I love it. At the end of the commercial, I’m play-off a cutaway that shows the socially-conscious Death CDs in action.  On the downside, it reminds me of a couple of nights when I had to stage a full MOT equivalent (I don’t want to get into that topic), playing up to the legit part of my abilities.

Although the bodhran is easy to master, some of its hand movements are not so simple. These hand placements and movements help you control the pitch and timber of the instrument, so it is an essential part of learning how it works.

How long did it take you to learn bodhran

The basics were easy to learn in just four hours. But the key is continuing the learning process, emphasis.

Playing with Real People

Find a session near you once you are ready to start playing with other musicians. I went to the session and introduced myself. I have found that most sessions will accept a beginner if he is polite. If it’s a large session, you may not want more than one drummer at once. You may need to lower your volume and reduce the amount of ornamentation at first. This will allow other musicians to hear you clearly and recognize you as a professional. Once I was able to sync in, the beats were at the right pitch and the beats hit the right rhythm.  Playing with other musicians, bodhran takes the gigs to a new level, This is the main reason I chose to go with Bodhran

This is why I chose Best Bodhran.

Few tips for your first gig

  • Warm up before playing.
  • Don’t over-stress your wrist.
  • If you hurt, stop.